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PT. Inovasi Gemilang Steel (Banten, Indonesia)

PT. Inovasi Gemilang Steel is a company engaged in the field of stainless steel products. We are located in Tangerang. Our products are of good quality and can be counted on for your construction.


PT. Inovasi Gemilang Steel merupakan distributor besi stainless steel terkemuka di Indonesia. Produk yang kami jual seperti Unp Stainless, Pipa Stainless, Plat Stainless, Plat Stripe, Siku Stainless, As Kotak Stainless, As Bulat Stainless, Plat Aluminium, Plat Perforated Besi, Aksesoris Stainless Steel, dan banyak lagi produk. Kami menjual besi stainless steel terlengkap dan termurah.


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