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Stainless Steel, is an alloy of iron containing a minimum of 12% chromium for corrosion resistance. This development is starting from an alloy family that has enabled the advancement and growth of chemical processes and power generation systems where this technology in our society is urgently needed. Furthermore, several important sub-categories of stainless steel have been developed. Sub-categories that are austenitic, martensite, ferritic, duplex, precipitation hardening and super alloys. Stainless steel schedule pipes have a rough surface and applications for industry, factories. The thickness (Sch) of stainless steel pipes for NPS i inches up to 12 inches is Sch / 5S, Sch / 10S, Sch / 40S, Sch / 80S (ANSI / ASME 36.19M). The letter S after the number shows Stainless steel. Because the thickness of the stainless steel pipe Schedule is quite thick, quite heavy and rough surface, so it is not suitable to be used as a pipe for hot steam flow on small scale essential oil distillators. Ornament or Decoratif stainless steel pipe has a smooth, shiny and beautiful surface; is a pipe used for architectural decorative, household furniture, construction of fences / gates, stair handrails and so on. The price of this pipe is much cheaper than the price of a stainless steel pipe schedule. Decorative pipes are not suitable to be used as hot steam flow pipes on small scale distillators due to considerations of less corrosion resistance and the function of the pipes themselves. Stainless Pipe Box or commonly called Hollow Stainless. Stainless Pipe (Hollow Stainless) is usually made of galvanized iron, stainless or steel. Often used in building construction, especially in the construction of accessories such as fencing, railling, roof canopy and gates. Pipe Stainless Box (Hollow Stainless) can also be used to support ceiling installation. PT Inovasi Gemilang Steel as a distributor and supplier of stainless steel in Tangerang provides Stainless Steel Pipe ornament and schedule with the best quality for you.

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