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Stainless steel (abbreviated as SUS) can be said to be a relative with IRON / STEEL, only stainless steel can be said to be Noble Iron of all types of iron / steel. Stainless is the best iron in terms of rust resistance and appearance (if finished) This is because there is a Cromium & Nickel content. Stainless steel 304 is stainless steel with a composition of 18/8 or 18/10. The meaning of this code shows the composition of chromium and nickel candles. The content of chromium serves to bind oxygen on the surface of the SS and protect materials from the oxidation process that can cause rust. While nickel makes SS has more rust resistance. The greater the nickel content the greater the ability of the material to prevent corrosion. In addition, the nickel content makes the SS more sturdy. And, the good news, this is in type 304. The 304 series has a composition of 18/8, which means: a chromium content of 18% while a nickel content is 8%. This composition makes the nickel joint make SS more robust and believes the 304 series is more resistant to corrosion and is safe in direct contact with food / drinks. SS 304 is widely used for culinary industries, hotels, hospitals, or special places to eat babies. Series 201 is part of 200 grade stainless steel. The price of SS 201 is relatively cheaper than other series. However, SS 201's ability to corrosion is still somewhat less than the 304 series.

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