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Aluminum Bordes Plate
Aluminum Bordes Plate
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03 Jun 2020
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Specification of

Bordes is a plate material that is designed to have a patterned surface. Bordes are also known as chekered plates or flower plates. It has a protruding surface in the shape of parallelograms on its surface. Its rough surface is often used as a floor on a factory ladder, deck, truck and car pedestal. This type of bordes is manufactured from lightweight and sturdy aluminum material. This plate is usually made with a hot rolling system. However, modern manufacturers also make it with a press or pressure system. Aluminum borders have the same shape and function as stainless steel borders.

P x l (length x width):
• 4x8 feet
Note: 1 feet = 30.48 cm

• 1.5 / 2/3/4 mm

P x LKetebalan
X L (feet)KETEBALAN (mm)
4x8 feet1,5 mm2 mm3 mm4 mm

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