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Stainless Steel is steel known as stainless steel. This is because Stainless steel is not only made of steel, but is a mixture of Iron, Silicon, Nickel, Manganese, Chrome, Carbon and also Molybdenum.
U or UNP channels besides Carbon Steel SS 400 there are also UNP Stainless with SS304 and SS316 materials and types. There are 2 types of UNP Stainless, namely UNP Bending or bending imported products from Taiwan or China and there are also original or Hot Rolled Molds. Products imported from Korea or Japan are of the same material quality but depend on their designation which requires the original UNP to use UNP from bending results.
PT Inovasi Gemilang Steel as a stainless steel supplier in Tangerang provides 201/304 UNP Stainless Steel with the best quality for you.

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